Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How to Use Ravan for Password Cracking?

Lot of Friends :
Ravan is Distributed password cracking method. So you will need lot of friends who have Pc with Internet connection. The speed of cracking will increase based on the number of pc contribute in the cracking.

How to use Ravan?


Evil Twin and Fake Wireless Access Point Hacks: What They Are, How To Defend

Hacking is a term with a wide variety of acts associated with it. Some are incredibly complex and demand a high degree of knowledge, others are little more than installing some software on your device and acting a bit...less than ethically.

Blocking Traffic From a specific Websites “JavaScript / Php” (Including Reason)

You would possibly be thinking that why to prevent receiving traffic from specific sites. you may be thinking that receiving vast traffic from different sites is sweet because it can increase earnings on Google Adsense or the other ad networks, this can be in keeping with newbies thought. But, The execs and Google itself tell that traffic returning from dangerous sites, illegal  sites and conjointly gaining an excessive amount of referral traffic isn’t sensible. Actually, it’s the low quality traffic that damage your web log. So, during this post, we’ll discuss that why we must always stop receiving traffic from specific sites, detective work the traffic returning from specific sites and block it to be safe. Lets begin with the rationale why to prevent this kind of traffic.

Why you must Stop Incoming Traffic From specific Sites?

blocking Traffic From a specific Websites  JavaScript

What is a Domain Name and What is Web Hosting

How to buy cheap web hosting & domain names in Pakistan

What is a domain names?

A domain name is a unique & custom web address which you register in order to establish your website & Blogs, so for any websites you want to starts, you must need first to register your desired domain names ok.

What is web hostings?

Web hosting is An online server & place your upload all of your website’s files & that server is used for managing your Custom website & Blogs online, so if you want to uploads your manually created websites & WordPress Blogs to the web then you must need an online server for that & which you can get by purchasing a cpanel web hosting, Also you can installs all the populars platforms on your website & blogs such as WordPress & PhpBB &  PhpCake &  Joomla Etc.ok

How to Install Android Apps on PC/Laptop

Youwave Emulator  is another nice application to run android apps on a Windows Pc & Laptop. it’s a little lighter compare to BlueStack and works well. It give you the power to transfer varied android Apps directly and works well. the newest edition this application offers you is android ICS 4.0.4 therefore you’ll be able to have some cool apps and game on your Computer, Pc, Laptop, instantly. Another nice feature is, this software package give you the power to  import app. which means you’ll be able to merely import the applications in it to run. If you’ve got kept a group of apk files in your Computer, Pc, Laptop, then you’ll be able to use a similar to run them on your Pc & Laptop. The good thing about recommending you this app is that it’s its own set of on-line store from wherever you get everything. therefore lets being with Youwave Emulator.
Download: YouWave Software
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How To Install Android Apps On Pc & Laptop In Urdu & Hindi