Monday, 20 April 2015

How to Hack a Computer

Hack a Computer
The question “how to hack a computer” is probably the one that is most frequently asked by many Internet users and hacking enthusiasts. So, in order to address some of the common questions and doubts on the subject, I have decided to write down this article. If you are looking for information on possible ways to hack a computer, this post can surely help you out.

What Computer Hacking Really Means?

Computer hacking is a vast subject and it has several different meanings. For example, when someone superficially asks how to hack a computer, it can simply mean how to break the password of a local or remote computer so as to gain access to it. However, hacking is not only that which involves breaking into a computer. If you go deeper, computer hacking can also involve things like techniques to bypass the authentication of a system, hack Internet users, computer databases, software programs and so on.
So, to define in simple words computer hacking is a means of exploiting the weakness in a computer system or network in order to gain unauthorized access to its data or take advantage of it.

How Can I Begin to Hack?

Best Way to Hack iOS Games (No Jailbreak)

You can hack about every game of iOS using iFunboxYou will also need your iDevice to be connected to iTunes in order for iFunbox to detect your device.

Once that is all your iFunbox
1)Click on iFunbox Classic on the leftmost side of the window

2)Go to User Applications and double click on any game you want to hack

3)Now replace the game data (You can find games data using Google E.g: "Temple Run ifunbox hack") with your current game data

4)Then safely remove your device from iFunbox. You can leave the device plugged in if you want. Close iFunbox window

Thats all!!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to Stay Safe On Your iPhone

By now, it is certainly safe to say that Apple has gained a wider following than just the young, tech-savvy demographic that initially seemed to flock to Mac products. While Mac computers (and specifically the MacBook Pro) have steadily arisen in popularity, the brand’s move to household name is built largely on their fleet of iOS products, and specifically the iPhone. Apple boasts intuitive-yet-sophisticated software as at least one reason that users from a broad range of demographics are drawn to their products.

Stay Safe of iPhone

Most users will find the transition into using an iPhone fairly smooth and will have very few problems with the

Wi-Fi Tweaks to Increase Your Speed

Chances are if you have a wireless internet connection at your home, you have had some trouble with the speed of the connection at least once before. That being said, a slow wireless connection can be frustrating to deal with. You are probably paying good money to your internet service provider, so slow speed is something you should not have to deal with, right? Well, the truth is wireless speed can be affected by a number of things. Luckily there are some Wi-Fi tweaks you can try that should help boost your speed and get you rolling in no time.

1. Reposition Your Router

The position of your wireless router plays a major role in the speed and strength of your wireless connection. If you are having trouble, you should try to reposition your router in a centrally located area, where the signal can equally reach each wireless device in your house. If your router is near an outside wall, try to move it closer to the middle of your house. Routers that are placed near outside walls can send some of the signal outside, which can risk your wireless connection’s strength and speed.

How to Secure a Wireless Wi-Fi Network

With the world going wireless in every sphere of technology, the question of security has often been raised. The same is true for wireless internet networks or Wi-Fi networks with hackers and Wi-Fi intruders always looking for ways to gain access to unsecured networks. There are several reasons why you might want to protect your Wi-Fi network. Prominent among them include better privacy, reduced internet bills and faster internet speeds.This post contains few simple techniques you can use to make sure that your wireless network is as secure as it possible can be.

Protect your Wireless Internet Network

1) Encrypt your Wi-Fi Network: When you use a Wi-Fi network for accessing the internet, every piece of data you send and receive over the air can be easily snooped by anyone with the right set of tools. Packet sniffers can be used by even the most novice of users to sniff your data. This means that a hacker can not only see which websites are you accessing but also get the login details of your personal and professional accounts. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to make a Apple ID?

How to make a Apple ID?

Step 1: Open AppStore

Step 2: Log out from AppStore if you have logged in with your friend's or anyone's Apple ID

Step 3: Now find a free app (Example: Viber, Subway Surfers, etc.)