Saturday, 29 November 2014

How to Unblock any Blocked Website

Hello guys,I actually have found so many websites that ar blocked in some regions or is also some of blocked by their countries (reasons best known to them). some of them ar may be not good to get on the internet such as adult and porn websites and a few of them ar simply accessible in specific regions and countries. however as a blogger, I actually have to gather all kind of info, tips & Tricks and Urdu & Hindi Video Tutorials for myself and also to share with my blog visters. also I actually have seen some of YouTube videos that ar simply playable within the specific countries. so this post is simply for info purpose of a way to unblock and access blocked websites which square measure blocked in your region or in country.
How To Open - Unblock Any  Blocked Websites in Pakistan
Unblock Websites Using VPN:

Virtual personal Network (VPN)extends your network and makes it personal means that once installation or activation ofVPN you’ll surf web anonymously. I actually have seen such a lot of third-party VPN suppliers, tho’ you’ll produce your own. Check below the list of Best VPN service

Friday, 28 November 2014

How to compress 1 Gb data to 10 mb

Hey guyz this time Learn Hacking has brought something very interesting for you guyz. Many times ourhard disk runs out of space and we have to delete some data or the other for no reason. Even I used to face the problem sometime back in history and by doing some research on the topic, I actually found a working and an awesome way to save my hard disk space.
How effective is it?
Well by this method I converted NFS UNDERGROUND 2 which is somewhat around 2 Gb tb 21 Mb. And same is the case with everything important I wanted to save.
How did I do it?
You are just about to know… Read on.

5 Ways to Check if you are Hacked

Hey Guys, I hope that you are enjoying the level 2 of Learn Hacking.
We have got many requests asking how they can check if they are hacked or not.
In this post I am going to tell You 5 ways in which you can check if you are hacked.
Just follow along and check all the steps, you might also be one of the victims.
NOTE:- Before doing these steps, close all the downloads and web pages. Make sure on torrent of window update install is going on but stay connected to internet.
1) The first method is very simple for all the people using an ADSL router. After all the internet downloads are closed,

Bug In Windows Calculator

Hey Readers! this time Learn Hacking has brought a cool windows bug for you guys.
Its something everyone should know.
This is a Bug in Windows Calculator.
Note:- It works with all versions of Windows.
So without much discussion, let me proceed to the bug.
Have you ever used square root button in windows?
If yes, it is a possibility that you might have come across this bug…. If not, you are just about to know it..
Just follow the steps:-
1) Open calculator ie..  
   Goto run and type – calc 
2) Now type the following
   2.1) Type 4
   2.2) Take its square root  by using the square root button,
   2.3) Now y

What is Cloud Storage and How to get it for FREE

Do you have chunks of data and need a place to store that data at some place from where you can access it from anywhere. Well problem with storing important data is that it is not generally portable, you can’t take your personal computer everywhere. Moreover another problem with storing data is that your data is always vulnerable to some sort of virus attacks. So in this post I am going to tell you an easier way to store data, protect your data, accessing it from anywhere and yeah You can share it too!

What is Cloud Storage?

How to Hack/Bypass windows password.

How to Hack/Bypass windows password.

In this article we are exactly going to tell you the same.
To hack or Bypass windows passwords is not a difficult task actually. If you have the required tools you can easily bypass windows password.
However The Tech of computer highly discourages the use of blackhat hacking techniques and use this knowledge only for a good reason. Say you forgot your computer’s password and want to recover it, you may use this method.
Now coming back to the main again:-
We are going to use a tool c