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Cell Phone Spy Software: How to Spy on Cell Phones (Amazing)

Is Someone Holding Secrets from You?
Reveal them All with the World’s Best Cell Phone Spy Software!
How to Spy on Cell phonesWith the advancement in the technology, cell phones have just turned themselves into powerful mini-computers having lot more features and capabilities than a conventional mobile telephone device. Even though technology has made life easier, there has also been a steady rise in the misuse of it. While some people use cell phones to exchange secret messages and maintain illicit relationships, many children also misuse cell phones for storing and watching inappropriate content. As a consequence, it becomes inevitable for people to spy on cell phones in order to investigate the truth about their partners and children.
Today, there exists hundreds of cell phone spy software applications on the market where many of them are nothing more than a crap. Some are good and only a few of them are the best. Also, each spy software has a different set of features and operating format which makes it hard for the novice users perhaps like you to make the right choice.
In order to help our readers find the best spy software, I have decided to give a thorough review of the TOP 2 best Selling cell phone spy software on the market.
1. Mobile Spy – (TESTED)

Mobile Spy Review

Mobile SpyMobile Spy is one of the best and most popular cell phone spy software out there on the market. It offers an effective means to monitor the target cell phone and record activities like phone calls, text messages, GPS location, emails, web activities and much more. All the monitoring/recording process takes place in a complete stealth mode, so that the target user never gets to know that he/she is under surveillance. Mobile Spy has every feature that a true spy software should have. This makes it a complete cell phone spying kit.

How Mobile Spy Works?

After your purchase, you can directly download the installation module onto the target cell phone. Installation takes only a few minutes (2-3 min approx). After the installation, each activity on the target phone is recorded and uploaded onto the Mobile Spy servers. You can login to your online account from your PC (or any computer in the world) to view the logs at any time. The logs contain Text messagesContacts List,Call HistoryGPS Locations and many other information as mentioned below.

Mobile Spy Features:

Here is a list of features that you get with Mobile Spy:
  • Live Control Panel – This is a wonderful feature that makes it possible to watch the live screen activities of the target cell phone just like a television.
  • Stealth Camera -With this feature, you can initiate the target phone to take a secret photo that you can view later through the control panel.
  • Record Phone Surroundings – Remotely record the activities of phone surroundings in the form of an audio clip.
  • Phone Call Logs – Each incoming and outgoing number is logged along with duration and time stamp.
  • SMS Logging – Records both incoming and outgoing SMS.
  • Phone Book Access – Gain access to all the contacts that is stored on the target cell phone’s memory.
  • Record Web Activity – The program records all web activities including emails, websites visited, Instant Messenger, YouTube and social media activity.
  • GPS Location Tracking – Track the exact location of the cell phone user at any given time.
  • Instant Alerts: – Get instant notification when the user conducts some prohibited actions on the target phone.
  • Application Blocking – You have the option to block certain applications from being accessed on the target cell phone.
  • Cell ID Tracking: – With this option, it is possible to track the phone’s location during the absence of GPS.
  • SMS Commands – Remotely send SMS commands to lock/unlock the phone usage or delete call history, SMS logs, photos and videos from the target phone at any time.
  • Remote Uninstall – With this feature, you can remotely uninstall the spy program any time you decide to stop spying.
  • 100% Undetectable – Operates in a complete stealth mode so that the presence of the spy software can never be detected.

Compatible Cell phones:

Mobile Spy is compatible with most types of phones currently available in the market including:
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • iPhone
  • Symbian OS (old Nokia phones)
  • iPod and Tablets
You can download Mobile Spy from the following link:
2. mSpy - (TESTED)

mSpy Review:

mSPymSpy is one of the top rated cell phone monitoring software on the market which turns any compatible cell phone into a spy phone within minutes.
It offers a rich set of features that are sufficient for most parents and employers to monitor the activities of their children and employees.

How mSpy Works?

The working of mSpy is exactly same as that of Mobile Spy.

mSpy Features:

mSpy supports almost every feature that Mobile Spy offers. Additionally, it also supports the “Call Interception” feature (Listen to/Record actual calls LIVE on the target cell phone) which you do not get on Mobile Spy.
Call Interception (LIVE Call Listening/Recording): When the target cell phone is on the conversation, you will receive a secret SMS notification on your phone. At this time you can call the target phone to listen to the live conversation going on. This feature simply works like a 3-way conference call but takes place in a complete stealth mode and hence 100% undetectable!

Compatible Cell Phones:

  1. Android
  2. BlackBerry Phones
  3. Apple iPhones and iPads
You can download mSpy from the link below:
Below is a head-to-head comparison of features supported by these to spy programs.
Mobile Spy vs. mSpy:
Mobile Spy vs. mSpy
You may find more information and side-by-side comparison of popular cell phone spy software at

Which Cell Phone Spy Software to Choose?

Both Mobile Spy and mSpy offers all the necessary features to cover most areas of monitoring. However, Mobile Spy lacks the “Call interception” feature without which it is not possible to listen to LIVE phone conversations. On the other hand mSpy offers call interception feature but does not support Windows and Symbian phones.
Thus, if you are looking for advanced features like “call interception” and “call recording”, go for mSpy. If you need to spy on a Windows phone or a Symbian phone, then Mobile Spy is the best choice.
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab one of them from the links below:
Download Mobile Spy – for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS phones
Download mSpy – for Android, BlackBerry and iOS phones

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