Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to make a Apple ID?

How to make a Apple ID?

Step 1: Open AppStore

Step 2: Log out from AppStore if you have logged in with your friend's or anyone's Apple ID

Step 3: Now find a free app (Example: Viber, Subway Surfers, etc.)

Step 4: Tap on GET

Step 5: Now tap on "Create New Apple ID"

Step 6: Select your country and press "Next"

Step 7: Tap "Agree"

Step 8: Now fill the form given to you and then press "Next"

Step 9: Choose "None" (if you wan't a free Apple ID) and fill the form given below (Don't fill the billing information if you choose "None" just enter your name, address, etc) and press "Next"

Step 10: Now verify your account and your are done!


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